Thursday, September 18, 2014

Which is the best CRM Service in India for Lead Generation?

In today’s dynamic and competitive business scenario maintaining and nurturing needs for selling a product is one of the most difficult task, for maintaining and generating leads. There are many CRM service providers in market who advertise them as best CRM service in India. But truth is that there is only one service in market for lead generation and lead management which is SalesMantra CRM Software.

SalesMantra CRM software is one of the best CRM service in India for lead generation activity. It is specially designed by FSL Software Technologies Ltd. After 15 yrs of research in sales industry. SalesMantra never advertise itself as a best CRM service provider but its focus is always on customer satisfaction.

SalesMantra CRM service is the best service provider in India according to me. I am a business owner with 55 sales people. I always struggle to maintain my business leads, I was not even aware the lead which is being generated and by whom it is generated. I struggle a lot to manage my leads. There was also overlapping of activities as one prospect was chased by 2 to 3 sales people and the prospect gets irritated and cancels the deal. Till then I was not aware about the reason why clients are denieng my service. Then I decided to get a solution and to get rid of this problem. I contacted one of my friend who was earlier associated with IT company. He advised me to go with SalesMantra CRM Software for controlling my sales process.

Then I contacted SalesMantra, I come to know that it is one of the best CRM service providers in India with expertise of 15 yrs in IT field. Representatives visited my office and demonstrated me the solution. I was really satisfied with the solution which was provided by SlaesMantra CRM Software. I came to know that it will not only help in maintaining and managing my leads but also control my sales team with some of its features like

  1. Work Scheduler
  2. Monthly task Calender
  3. Pending task Alert
  4. Expense Management
  5. Email marketing
  6. SMS Marketing
  7. Purchase order management
  8. Inventory management
There are countless no of benefits which can be derived from SalesMantra CRM Software. So, I advice every business who are managing their sales force and finding difficulties in management refer this link

Sell n Serve always use SalesMantra.