Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Online CRM Software - Required in Business Advancement

Online or Web based CRM Software is a software solution to manage all customer’s business relationship where there is no Hardware or Software is located on Customer’s side. The CRM Software is generally hosted on server’s that are maintained and managed by third parties. The CRM Software can be easily accessed through a web interface and no need to load the software on PC or Laptops.
Some of the benefits of online CRM are:-

  • It can be accessed from any device which has internet connection.
An effective CRM has to be adopted and implemented by all users in an organization as data entered in it will only be useful when all the information are entered in it. Having a online CRM means any employee can access his data from anywhere with just having an internet device like laptop and update all the information which in turn provide up to date accurate information in the database.

  • Lower Implementation And Maintenance Cost
As online CRM are hosted on Cloud Server there is no need for any specific Hardware or Software implementation which reduces the cost.
Also many organization don’t have their own specific IT team so if server based CRM Software is to be chosen then it will add extra cost to maintain the sever.
As online CRM does not need any particular Hardware or Software, implementation time is generally less.

  • Cost related to Online CRM is less.
As there is no need of any additional Hardware or Software in Online CRM and the charges are to be paid on annually basis it can be assigned as operational cost.
With Online CRM the service provider upgrades the CRM Software at no extra cost as it part of the service which he is providing, unlike as in on-premise solution where you have to always keep your CRM Software upgraded and hardware supporting it also be upgraded. With online CRM there is no need to worry about maintenance of Software.
Adding of extra user is easy as contrast to on-premise CRM Software. The new user can log on instantly with just an internet connection.

  • Users can access their data from anywhere.
As in the case of on-premise CRM Software where user has to have software loaded into his Laptop or PC to access his user account whereas in the case of Online CRM he can access his account from anywhere with a device having a internet connection.

  • Easy Customization
Online CRM can be customized accordingly to the need of the organization and customization is generally not a difficult task as with on-site CRM Software.
Back up of data is also easy with Online CRM as with one click you will have all your sales data with you where as for on-site CRM unless you have an automated solution backing up of data can be a tedious task.

It can be concluded that for medium to small organization, Online CRM is by far the most cost effective way, when they don’t have their own dedicated IT team. Nearly all Online CRM Software handle all the requirements like contact management, sales enquiry, service management etc. Now it’s up to the organization to choose from the available CRM Solution which will meet their requirement, and at same time allowing flexibility and the function required now and for the future which are beneficial for their business.  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Complexities of doing Business in Present Environment

While the competition is hotting up, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain and control the people working with the organization, in spite of the employee cost being high.

The cost of doing business with a new customer is five times the amount of doing business with an existing customer. While new customers have to be developed, the existing customers are to be nurtured for realizing their full potential.

The cost of doing nothing to avoid losing opportunities and customers and reduced employee productivity works out to phenomenal amounts and may even negate the efforts being made. The management needs to have an overview of the existing customer and prospect base so as to enable them to constantly change their business practices to continue to come upto their expectations by continuously knowing the pulse of the market in an ever changing environment

The employees on the one hand are needed to be continuously supported to enable them to do their business effectively, the management on the other hand, should be able to oversee what each of the persons is doing, so as to enable them derive full value of the monthly salary bill.

Fortunately, it is possible to solve these complexities, thru use of CRM software called
SalesMantra CRM A complete end to end CRM software solution

• Puts your process in place day 1
• Provides work schedule- appointments/my diary
• Central repository of sales documents
• No more report writing for sales reps- system generated reports
• Alerts to prompt pro-active action
• Provides effective complaint management
• Resource optimization
• Complete customer/ product history on a click
• Service engineer skill level assessment
• Highly scalable and viable for small as well as large teams
• Simple, User friendly and Cost effective solution
• Immediate Implementation
• No hardware or software to buy or maintain
• Web capabilities to access from anywhere, anytime.
Business Values
• Increase revenues
• Reduced cycle time to sell
• Reduced avg. turnaround time
• Improve customer response / relationship
• Work anytime from anywhere
• Faster communication with team
• Make strategic business decisions based on MIS

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SalesMantra Understanding of the Requirements & Proposed Solution to the Company for CRM Solution


The company has its presence across varied locations so it becomes difficult to track the activities of different sales personnel as well as agents across these different locations without the aid of a centralized solution. (as different sales persons have a set of agents as a team and they work to close the deals).
A set of 20 sales persons who handle 2000 agents(mostly individuals) and further those agents deal with around 2,00,000 customers.
The line of Business requires multiple dealings with the customers as there are different policies/products being offered to the customers. The complete history of all Communications / Discussions must be immediately available whenever required, policy details,

A proper format for the sales agents to enter the data for the sale made or new leads generated.

Different sales personnel often spend their time on the same sales call as there is no toll to check the duplicity of the sales call.

Generation of leads through mass emails, promotional campaigns, etc.

Reports generation through which performance of sales persons/agents can be measured.

As the company’s sales team is highly qualified, their non productive time should be minimal. The sales team must be supported with instant availability of all information with regards to customer, prospect and products.

Analyzing the exact needs of the customers in terms of features and value and maintaining the record of the same.

Generation of critical reports like branch order report, target v/s. achievement report, sales funnel report, order Vs collection report etc become very time consuming and cumbersome due to non availability of the data at a single place.

Since the organization is known for its services, prompt services should be provided to all the customers through efficient complaint tracking, assignment of skilled service engineers resulting in prompt resolution of the problem.

The detailed analysis of customer complaints should be continuously available to improve the product.

The sales & service personnel to be made productive as soon as possible from the date of joining.

Proposed Solution

The software enables the company to monitor the prospects/customers by providing complete customer / prospect details. Each visit and communication is meticulously recorded by the sales persons/agents at the end of the day within no time.

Centralized repository of the software enables the users / executives to have access to all details of the products/policies as well as competitors. There is no need for the user to do any further interaction in this regard.

Agent wise database management can be done so that each agent can get a clear picture of his contacts, and the sales person is also able to see the reports of agents working under them.

Clear sales funnel is generated on real time basis by a simple provision of entering order closing date and quote value in the prospect details form.

The sales person’s non productive time like writing of daily sales report, finding out the desired information, discussing with the manager, etc. is totally eliminated by the effective use of the software. The employee productivity is improved as the software enables him to do multitasking at the same time.

The software helps the management by getting periodical feedback from the customer for the services provided to them.

The complaint management module of the software enables faster resolution of customer complaints by adequate reporting mechanism of all calls, allocation/ pending with each employee, expense incurred by him, detailed analysis of customer complaints, complaints history of each of customer, etc.

All the critical reports are available to the top management with a single click thus facilitating in taking timely decision on critical business issues.

The system does not permit creation of duplicate sales call, thus keeping a check on redundancy of data.

Mass mailers can be sent to the prospects through the campaign feature of the software 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why CRM is required by every industry?

It’s a true fact that your products are required by many industry types in different purposes in their factories, offices, etc. In fact, even a small cluster at an industrial township, will have a number of prospects, who could use your products.

The market for your products thus is immense and the sales turnover depends upon our ability to contact as many prospects as possible.

In order to derive maximum benefits from the sales force employed, we need to support & control the sales team continuously.

In the absence of a proper tool in this regard one could face the following problems:

  • One may not have detailed report about the efforts put in by the employees. The manual report writing is very time consuming and very little rewarding because of time loss & efforts involved in going through the same.
  • One may lose his data in case the employee leaves the organization with his diary where he has noted the total details of the clients he deals with.
  • Details about the sales order, customer, prospects, etc have to be searched resulting in waste of valuable time.

In this kind of situation, one loses upon many selling opportunities, where his competitor moves forward & snatches the deal.

This is a genuine business problem & you must be looking for a solution for this. Fortunately there is a simple solution available.

We have a specialized CRM for your organization which is very simple and easy to use. The software is implemented by us and we provide training and support through out the year. It will help you in organizing your sales team and the work being done by them on regular basis. Data once fed into the system and no one can delete the name of the enquiries from the same.

The cost of the software works out to roughly around 2.5% of the total cost spent by you on each employee. This you will appreciate is a very small amount to pay to regulate and control the sales team, on whose success, the total success of the company depends.

We are very confident that with the help of our software, you will be able to realize full value of the money spent by you. You will be able to get better sales closures.