Thursday, May 8, 2014

Complexities of doing Business in Present Environment

While the competition is hotting up, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain and control the people working with the organization, in spite of the employee cost being high.

The cost of doing business with a new customer is five times the amount of doing business with an existing customer. While new customers have to be developed, the existing customers are to be nurtured for realizing their full potential.

The cost of doing nothing to avoid losing opportunities and customers and reduced employee productivity works out to phenomenal amounts and may even negate the efforts being made. The management needs to have an overview of the existing customer and prospect base so as to enable them to constantly change their business practices to continue to come upto their expectations by continuously knowing the pulse of the market in an ever changing environment

The employees on the one hand are needed to be continuously supported to enable them to do their business effectively, the management on the other hand, should be able to oversee what each of the persons is doing, so as to enable them derive full value of the monthly salary bill.

Fortunately, it is possible to solve these complexities, thru use of CRM software called
SalesMantra CRM A complete end to end CRM software solution

• Puts your process in place day 1
• Provides work schedule- appointments/my diary
• Central repository of sales documents
• No more report writing for sales reps- system generated reports
• Alerts to prompt pro-active action
• Provides effective complaint management
• Resource optimization
• Complete customer/ product history on a click
• Service engineer skill level assessment
• Highly scalable and viable for small as well as large teams
• Simple, User friendly and Cost effective solution
• Immediate Implementation
• No hardware or software to buy or maintain
• Web capabilities to access from anywhere, anytime.
Business Values
• Increase revenues
• Reduced cycle time to sell
• Reduced avg. turnaround time
• Improve customer response / relationship
• Work anytime from anywhere
• Faster communication with team
• Make strategic business decisions based on MIS

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