Monday, September 11, 2017

SalesMantra CRM : A Leader In CRM Industry

SalesMantra is a leader in CRM Industry for B2B companies that look forward to increasing sales for your organization by more than 50%. Have a look at below case study:

In the month of June, we got an invitation from one of the contacts for a fair in Pragati Maidan, where he was exhibiting his products. We went to the fair on the dates defined in the exhibition & met him. There were around 400 visiting cards dropped by all visitors at his store. We were happy to see so many inquiries in the exhibition. To our curiosity, we asked him on how he plans to work on the data collected through the cards. He had no clue on what to do with it.

We gave him a solution with SalesMantra CRM Software where he could manage and monitor progress of each lead. He found that solution interesting and bought 2 licenses. When we met for the training after a month he was overjoyed because he had received a business of more than a Crore in just a month.

He told us about the fast action and monitoring he had done through the usage of SalesMantra. He was able to reply to all inquiries in just a fraction of seconds without any hassles of creating quotation, etc

Profit can be maximized by using SalesMantra and decreasing response time of sales team towards the inquiries.

Companies are getting benefited by using SalesMantra and reducing their employee expenses by 20%. It's a simple tool with android based app to ease the use and increase productivity.