Thursday, September 18, 2014

Which is the best CRM Service in India for Lead Generation?

In today’s dynamic and competitive business scenario maintaining and nurturing needs for selling a product is one of the most difficult task, for maintaining and generating leads. There are many CRM service providers in market who advertise them as best CRM service in India. But truth is that there is only one service in market for lead generation and lead management which is SalesMantra CRM Software.

SalesMantra CRM software is one of the best CRM service in India for lead generation activity. It is specially designed by FSL Software Technologies Ltd. After 15 yrs of research in sales industry. SalesMantra never advertise itself as a best CRM service provider but its focus is always on customer satisfaction.

SalesMantra CRM service is the best service provider in India according to me. I am a business owner with 55 sales people. I always struggle to maintain my business leads, I was not even aware the lead which is being generated and by whom it is generated. I struggle a lot to manage my leads. There was also overlapping of activities as one prospect was chased by 2 to 3 sales people and the prospect gets irritated and cancels the deal. Till then I was not aware about the reason why clients are denieng my service. Then I decided to get a solution and to get rid of this problem. I contacted one of my friend who was earlier associated with IT company. He advised me to go with SalesMantra CRM Software for controlling my sales process.

Then I contacted SalesMantra, I come to know that it is one of the best CRM service providers in India with expertise of 15 yrs in IT field. Representatives visited my office and demonstrated me the solution. I was really satisfied with the solution which was provided by SlaesMantra CRM Software. I came to know that it will not only help in maintaining and managing my leads but also control my sales team with some of its features like

  1. Work Scheduler
  2. Monthly task Calender
  3. Pending task Alert
  4. Expense Management
  5. Email marketing
  6. SMS Marketing
  7. Purchase order management
  8. Inventory management
There are countless no of benefits which can be derived from SalesMantra CRM Software. So, I advice every business who are managing their sales force and finding difficulties in management refer this link

Sell n Serve always use SalesMantra.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Leverages Technology to Create Stronger Relationships with Customers

Customer relationship management (CRM) a strategy planned, designed and developed in keeping in mind the adequacy of customers. The quality of giving satisfaction sufficient to meet a demand or requirement of customer.
It is very important to understand and satisfy your customer for that, a proper management is required so that a company can understand their customer’s need and try to full fill it in best possible solutions.

This philosophy leverages technology to create stronger relationships with former, current and prospective customers while maximizing your customer service capabilities.
A business face lots of problems like operational challenges, including sales decline, high team attrition, and misalignment between corporate revenue targets and salespeople’s commission policies etc. CRM enables business owners to tackle all these problems.

All this can be done by a CRM System specially designed to cater services to organizations so that they can manage all kind of interactions with their customers.

CRM will enable a company to actively manage their customer relations in an organized and strategic manner. In practice, that means developing company's methodologies, internal operations, capabilities to be able to better address your customers' needs and, as a result, make your relationships with your customers more profitable.

It is the art of forming a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. While your customers provide you with a financial reward, you can repay their loyalty with great services.

CRM isn’t just for storing the contact information of all of your clients and prospects; it can also help your sales team to be more productive and successful.”

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is Cloud Computing Worth for Business?

Now-a-days, when we think about IT and Software, the most common word comes to our mind is Cloud Computing. When we think of it, there are several questions come to our mind. What exactly is this Cloud Computing? Is it really required for an Organization to adopt? How much effect it can produce on a Business? How much cost involved in it? So today in this article, we will discuss on all these things which are related to Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing?
In simple word when you are accessing the Data through the internet instead of your hard drive, it is called Cloud Computing. Now make it little elaborate. Almost all of us are using emails. We are sending lot of information, so many attachments/files through it. But is it getting stored in our hard drive? No. Rather it is being stored in the server of the specific email service provider, which is being accessed through internet by every user.

How does it Work's?
Cloud computing means distributed computing over a Network. It refers to a Hardware or a Group of Hardware, which is connected to a network and can be accessed by any authorized person using the connectivity of Internet. As it is connected through Internet, can be accessed from anywhere in the world. So it decreases the system dependency.

1. Cost effective: As you are storing the Data and information in the cloud, you don't have to bear the extra cost of server hardware.
2. Access Anywhere: As it is connected to internet, it can be accessed without the dependency of the system.
3. Data Back-up: Data back-up and storage is much easier than a physical device. Also the cloud service provider has their own back-up system. So that you can store and access information without worry.
4. Automatic Integration: It is much easier to integrate or customize the Software on Cloud. There is not much additional effort require for this.

1. IaaS Environment: Computational Infrastructure available on the internet and service are provided on the top of infrastructure.
2. PaaS Environment: Allow developers to leverage the resources of established Organization to create and host applications of a larger scale.
3. SaaS Environment: Allow Organizations and developers to use business specific capabilities developed by third party.

Future of Cloud Computing:
As per the current scenario, online crm software is used in many organizations and they are getting into bigger achievement. But how much helpful it will be in the near future. Let's look into it.
Centralized Data: Centralized Data is the future of cloud computing. This will allow companies a huge database. Taking care of patient, handling stock market, centralized reporting will be hugely effective through it.

More Capability: Mobile devices will be more powerful and smaller as all the application will be web based.
Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid Cloud is expected to be more efficient for Business because it will enhance the internal infrastructure and applications.

Faster intercommunication: Still cloud computing is in initial stage. By a decade or so it is expected to be a permanent solution for many organizations.

Better Security: by 2020, it is expected to improve a lot on Data Security. Minimum encryption regulation may be increased from 256-bit SSL. It may require biometric scans to access. These facilities will also be protected by advance security systems.

So we are sure that cloud computing has a very bright future. It will make your company more profitable and productive, when it can complete tasks faster and more efficiently than the current system.

CRM Software

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Online CRM Software - Required in Business Advancement

Online or Web based CRM Software is a software solution to manage all customer’s business relationship where there is no Hardware or Software is located on Customer’s side. The CRM Software is generally hosted on server’s that are maintained and managed by third parties. The CRM Software can be easily accessed through a web interface and no need to load the software on PC or Laptops.
Some of the benefits of online CRM are:-

  • It can be accessed from any device which has internet connection.
An effective CRM has to be adopted and implemented by all users in an organization as data entered in it will only be useful when all the information are entered in it. Having a online CRM means any employee can access his data from anywhere with just having an internet device like laptop and update all the information which in turn provide up to date accurate information in the database.

  • Lower Implementation And Maintenance Cost
As online CRM are hosted on Cloud Server there is no need for any specific Hardware or Software implementation which reduces the cost.
Also many organization don’t have their own specific IT team so if server based CRM Software is to be chosen then it will add extra cost to maintain the sever.
As online CRM does not need any particular Hardware or Software, implementation time is generally less.

  • Cost related to Online CRM is less.
As there is no need of any additional Hardware or Software in Online CRM and the charges are to be paid on annually basis it can be assigned as operational cost.
With Online CRM the service provider upgrades the CRM Software at no extra cost as it part of the service which he is providing, unlike as in on-premise solution where you have to always keep your CRM Software upgraded and hardware supporting it also be upgraded. With online CRM there is no need to worry about maintenance of Software.
Adding of extra user is easy as contrast to on-premise CRM Software. The new user can log on instantly with just an internet connection.

  • Users can access their data from anywhere.
As in the case of on-premise CRM Software where user has to have software loaded into his Laptop or PC to access his user account whereas in the case of Online CRM he can access his account from anywhere with a device having a internet connection.

  • Easy Customization
Online CRM can be customized accordingly to the need of the organization and customization is generally not a difficult task as with on-site CRM Software.
Back up of data is also easy with Online CRM as with one click you will have all your sales data with you where as for on-site CRM unless you have an automated solution backing up of data can be a tedious task.

It can be concluded that for medium to small organization, Online CRM is by far the most cost effective way, when they don’t have their own dedicated IT team. Nearly all Online CRM Software handle all the requirements like contact management, sales enquiry, service management etc. Now it’s up to the organization to choose from the available CRM Solution which will meet their requirement, and at same time allowing flexibility and the function required now and for the future which are beneficial for their business.  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Complexities of doing Business in Present Environment

While the competition is hotting up, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain and control the people working with the organization, in spite of the employee cost being high.

The cost of doing business with a new customer is five times the amount of doing business with an existing customer. While new customers have to be developed, the existing customers are to be nurtured for realizing their full potential.

The cost of doing nothing to avoid losing opportunities and customers and reduced employee productivity works out to phenomenal amounts and may even negate the efforts being made. The management needs to have an overview of the existing customer and prospect base so as to enable them to constantly change their business practices to continue to come upto their expectations by continuously knowing the pulse of the market in an ever changing environment

The employees on the one hand are needed to be continuously supported to enable them to do their business effectively, the management on the other hand, should be able to oversee what each of the persons is doing, so as to enable them derive full value of the monthly salary bill.

Fortunately, it is possible to solve these complexities, thru use of CRM software called
SalesMantra CRM A complete end to end CRM software solution

• Puts your process in place day 1
• Provides work schedule- appointments/my diary
• Central repository of sales documents
• No more report writing for sales reps- system generated reports
• Alerts to prompt pro-active action
• Provides effective complaint management
• Resource optimization
• Complete customer/ product history on a click
• Service engineer skill level assessment
• Highly scalable and viable for small as well as large teams
• Simple, User friendly and Cost effective solution
• Immediate Implementation
• No hardware or software to buy or maintain
• Web capabilities to access from anywhere, anytime.
Business Values
• Increase revenues
• Reduced cycle time to sell
• Reduced avg. turnaround time
• Improve customer response / relationship
• Work anytime from anywhere
• Faster communication with team
• Make strategic business decisions based on MIS

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SalesMantra Understanding of the Requirements & Proposed Solution to the Company for CRM Solution


The company has its presence across varied locations so it becomes difficult to track the activities of different sales personnel as well as agents across these different locations without the aid of a centralized solution. (as different sales persons have a set of agents as a team and they work to close the deals).
A set of 20 sales persons who handle 2000 agents(mostly individuals) and further those agents deal with around 2,00,000 customers.
The line of Business requires multiple dealings with the customers as there are different policies/products being offered to the customers. The complete history of all Communications / Discussions must be immediately available whenever required, policy details,

A proper format for the sales agents to enter the data for the sale made or new leads generated.

Different sales personnel often spend their time on the same sales call as there is no toll to check the duplicity of the sales call.

Generation of leads through mass emails, promotional campaigns, etc.

Reports generation through which performance of sales persons/agents can be measured.

As the company’s sales team is highly qualified, their non productive time should be minimal. The sales team must be supported with instant availability of all information with regards to customer, prospect and products.

Analyzing the exact needs of the customers in terms of features and value and maintaining the record of the same.

Generation of critical reports like branch order report, target v/s. achievement report, sales funnel report, order Vs collection report etc become very time consuming and cumbersome due to non availability of the data at a single place.

Since the organization is known for its services, prompt services should be provided to all the customers through efficient complaint tracking, assignment of skilled service engineers resulting in prompt resolution of the problem.

The detailed analysis of customer complaints should be continuously available to improve the product.

The sales & service personnel to be made productive as soon as possible from the date of joining.

Proposed Solution

The software enables the company to monitor the prospects/customers by providing complete customer / prospect details. Each visit and communication is meticulously recorded by the sales persons/agents at the end of the day within no time.

Centralized repository of the software enables the users / executives to have access to all details of the products/policies as well as competitors. There is no need for the user to do any further interaction in this regard.

Agent wise database management can be done so that each agent can get a clear picture of his contacts, and the sales person is also able to see the reports of agents working under them.

Clear sales funnel is generated on real time basis by a simple provision of entering order closing date and quote value in the prospect details form.

The sales person’s non productive time like writing of daily sales report, finding out the desired information, discussing with the manager, etc. is totally eliminated by the effective use of the software. The employee productivity is improved as the software enables him to do multitasking at the same time.

The software helps the management by getting periodical feedback from the customer for the services provided to them.

The complaint management module of the software enables faster resolution of customer complaints by adequate reporting mechanism of all calls, allocation/ pending with each employee, expense incurred by him, detailed analysis of customer complaints, complaints history of each of customer, etc.

All the critical reports are available to the top management with a single click thus facilitating in taking timely decision on critical business issues.

The system does not permit creation of duplicate sales call, thus keeping a check on redundancy of data.

Mass mailers can be sent to the prospects through the campaign feature of the software 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why CRM is required by every industry?

It’s a true fact that your products are required by many industry types in different purposes in their factories, offices, etc. In fact, even a small cluster at an industrial township, will have a number of prospects, who could use your products.

The market for your products thus is immense and the sales turnover depends upon our ability to contact as many prospects as possible.

In order to derive maximum benefits from the sales force employed, we need to support & control the sales team continuously.

In the absence of a proper tool in this regard one could face the following problems:

  • One may not have detailed report about the efforts put in by the employees. The manual report writing is very time consuming and very little rewarding because of time loss & efforts involved in going through the same.
  • One may lose his data in case the employee leaves the organization with his diary where he has noted the total details of the clients he deals with.
  • Details about the sales order, customer, prospects, etc have to be searched resulting in waste of valuable time.

In this kind of situation, one loses upon many selling opportunities, where his competitor moves forward & snatches the deal.

This is a genuine business problem & you must be looking for a solution for this. Fortunately there is a simple solution available.

We have a specialized CRM for your organization which is very simple and easy to use. The software is implemented by us and we provide training and support through out the year. It will help you in organizing your sales team and the work being done by them on regular basis. Data once fed into the system and no one can delete the name of the enquiries from the same.

The cost of the software works out to roughly around 2.5% of the total cost spent by you on each employee. This you will appreciate is a very small amount to pay to regulate and control the sales team, on whose success, the total success of the company depends.

We are very confident that with the help of our software, you will be able to realize full value of the money spent by you. You will be able to get better sales closures.  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

CRM Solution for Your Esteemed Organization

The software will do the following to your business, which you have most lovingly and painstakingly built, to come to the current level:-

  • Generate additional prospects on daily basis
  • Protect your prospects
  • Maintain AMC’s and other service details
  • Increase your sales turnover manifold
  • Get much improved sales projections
  • Reduce your working capital substantially

Sales Mantra CRM totally meets the above requirements of business as under:

  • Details of each customer could be entered and history could be maintained to have better follow up with the customers.

  • The technical as well as commercial details of the products can be saved in the library to have a ready reference of the same at any time and at any place.

  • The products can be classified according to various types depending on their specifications or according to the vendors.

  • The feature of mass SMS and mass mailing helps in making customers and prospects aware of various schemes, offers, discount, product up-gradations, etc.

  • Total management of inventory for products and spare parts can be done through the software.

  • The software helps you in managing the inventory for the consumables/ spare parts along with the products.

  • The detailed history of number of visits along with the work done in each visit for the turn key projects can be recorded and viewed in future for reference.

  • As the software works on internet, it helps in integrating the complete functions of the company irrespective of the location of various branches.

  • Helps in knowing the actual details on all the services done and the spares used in the same for the easy calculation of expenditure on each service done.

  • The team and segments can be defined in the system to keep a proper record of the segments and thus cater to the prospects accordingly.

  • The Quick Complaints Form helps to register a complaint in a few seconds so that the customer gets attended in a minimum span of time.

  • The complaint history is maintained which helps in knowing the details of the equipment's at a given point of time.   

Saturday, April 19, 2014

On Demand Software Solutions by FSL Software Technologies

FSL Software Technologies is a 25 years old group having extensive experience in management consultation, business process reviews, financial services, capital market, mutual fund distribution, and have varied skill-set to support a technical team to develop IT business solutions.

FSL pool of customers spreads over 1000+ enterprises, covering a wide array of business areas in diverse fields, many of which have worldwide operations. To name a few, our clients include - DS Group of Companies, Flex Group of Companies, HCL Group, NIIT Group, Samtel Group, Maspar Industries, Shriram  Group, etc.

Here we are providing you CRM solution named  Sales Mantra CRM.  This software supports your  sales and service process from sales executive to top management level .

Basic  modules and features  of Sales Mantra CRM software is:

Lead Generation:
  • Contact management, Prints contact address labels, Click history on a click, Campaigns library
  • MIS on contact management, Mass e-mails, Bulk sms
  • Facility for import of addresses Categorize data as per choice - industry segment wise, location wise, source wise etc
  • Mapping of contacts with Multiple products applicable

Sales Force Automation:
  • Sales call management, Alerts & Newsletters,Work planning / things to do
  • Appointments scheduler,Targets versus achievements,Sales funnel management
  • Sales order management, Analysis and reporting, Competition intelligence,
  • Generates quotations

Service Management:
  • Advance day planner ,Skill level assessment, AMC order vs service cost, Preventive maintenance,
  • Employee profitability, Customer satisfaction index, Resource optimization, Alert through SMS
  • Installation management, Escalation process availability

For more details about the product please go through the following link:

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sales Force Automation for Pharmaceutical Companies

Sales Mantra Pharma SFA is an easy to use software, largely focuses on the contact management system of sales force of company to track all contacts made with doctors, chemists, stockiest or hospitals. It builds a direct linkage between the corporate head quarters, regional offices and all remote sales representatives. It provides valuable information on daily visits to Doctors, Chemists, Stockiest, and Stocks of Samples/Gifts with Representatives.

It helps representatives manage and track physician visits, as well as monitor and project sales quotas. In addition, you can take advantage of detailed reporting functionality that helps you identify which physicians are most receptive cross-sell opportunities and manage physician feedback and follow through. It helps the sales representatives to have a complete perspective of their entire sales cycle at any given point of time.

It helps in reducing the filling up of long reports by representatives at the end of the day. It also provides several facilities for the Representatives viz. planning their daily activities, schedulers, and auto-generation of repetitive information.

  • Capture and share physician and contact information within organization
  • Get a complete view of all interaction with doctors/physicians
  • Record communication with physicians on an ongoing basis
  • Track and capture the number of visits made to physicians
  • Calculate potential revenue gained from physician visits
  • Segment physician interaction information based on specialization or geography
  • Easy and efficient access of information, follow up and decision making.

  • Password Protected Web Application.
  • Daily Call report management - Online submission of Daily Call Reports
  • Comprehensive Database of Doctors for Contact and Relationship Management.
  • Details of Channel Partners, like Stockiest and Chemists,
  • Doctors / Chemist / Hospitals/ Stockist visited
  • Mapping of MR to Geographical Units.
  • Sampling management
  • Unique Mapping of Doctors and Channel Partners to MRs.
  • Issue of samples/gifts to MRs.
  • Online expense entry and expense statement generation for approval
  • Monthly Tour planner
  • Online Submission and approval of Tour Programs.
  • Standard Tour Plan management
  • Leave details management
  • Email and SMS alert services
  • Contacts management
  • Extensive Product management
  • News and Alerts management.
  • User management
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Rights management
  • Analyses of Doctor Calls and Product Promotion.

Reduces Communication time and cost between the sales representatives / Managers and HQ

It also helps to build and manage a perfect response plans in real time based on the data from the sales representatives, before their competitors can gain significant market share.

It helps to maintain a detailed and updated customer profiles (Doctors / Chemist / Hospitals/ Stockiest) in easy to use form.

Any time anywhere access of the system will enable each sales staff to instantly report the superiors.

It helps in applying for leaves and getting the actual status of leaves pending and availed

It provides plan sheets for Area and regional branch managers.

It helps each user to get a details analysis and reports on the entire activity and statistical data which will empower them for better planning.

Module Details

The software captures full details of the prospects through various modules like:

The contact module which consists of information on:
  • Doctors: details on their addresses, availability details, specializations and many more
  • Hospital: location details of the hospital, various departments in it and contact persons in each department,
  • Chemist/stockiest:
  • Samples/ gift quantity

Contact List gives a clear picture of:
  • Doctors/ chemists/ stockiest followed by a representative at any given point of time
  • Helps in segregating the data according to the location, category, etc.

Plan programs for the company employees:
  • Standard tour plan
  • Monthly tour plan
  • Area Business manager plan
  • Regional business manager plan

Daily Call report
  • To get a clear picture of various doctors, chemists, stockiest to be visited
  • To fill in details of actual visits done on a daily basis
  • To get a clear picture of samples/gifts given to various doctors, etc
  • To know the collections received from stockiest, chemists, etc
  • To know the requirements of the chemist, stockiest, doctors, hospitals on daily basis.
  • To keep a record of expenses incurred by the representatives.

Leave Module:

  • Assigning leaves to the employees of a company
  • To apply for leave to senior management
  • To approve leave applied by the employees
  • To keep a clear picture of leaves allotted as well as availed by an employee to plan accordingly

Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Sales Mantra" - A Comprehensive Sales Force Automation Tool

The software will do the following to your business, which you have most lovingly and painstakingly built, to come to the current level:-

"Sales Mantra" precisely enables you to do the following:-

* Generate additional prospects on daily basis.
* Protect your prospects.
* Increase your sales turnover manifold.
* Get much improved sales projections.
* Reduce your working capital substantially.
* Interconnect all the branches to get a overall projection and order information at any time.
*Increase the output of your sales team as a minimum of 40%

The business requirements are as under :

* Identifying the prospects (as demand is increasing as the product is cost effective with high efficiency)

* The Large number of sales force can easily be supported through the system, by providing them instant contact details, reference to technical details, pricing, diary facility, customer history, sending instant quotation and elimination of daily report writing, preparation for review details, submission of separate expense accounts etc.

* Our software enables your sales team to meet almost double the prospects they are meeting presently by cutting down on their non- productive time by 35-40% which they spend on preparing daily sales report, finding product details, customer details, etc as the need for this is totally eliminated by the use of this software.

* This fully automated software takes care of all your reports with regard to pre-order activities and post order payment status, on the basis of just a small input at the end of the day from your sales team.

* In case an employee leaves the organization, his prospect can be assigned to another employee without any loss of prospect.
* The system gives you much improved sales projections, so that inventory levels remain under total control.

* The system keeps a track for payment follow-up history against each invoice, enabling you to collect your payment by resolving customer issue, queries, where ever applicable and through total control over follow-ups. The write offs chance are greatly eliminated by the use of this system.

* Segregate the customer/prospect according to the industry they belong to and the product they require.

* The products can be classified according to various types depending on their specifications or according to the vendors.

* The technical as well as commercial details of the products can be saved in the library to have a ready reference of the same at any time and at any place.

* As the software works on internet, it helps in integrating the complete functions of the company irrespective of the location of various branches
* The team and segments can be defined in the system to keep a proper record of the segments and thus cater to the prospects accordingly.
* Our Software takes care of receivable & helps in realizing the total amount in case of Government Clients.

* The real time reports generated by the software such as sales call report, Product Order Report, Employee Target Report, etc help in knowing various details about the products and employee performance.

For more details please visit-

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sales Mantra CRM : A New Version

FSL Software Technologies Ltd introduce a new version of frontline SSM
A Complete end-to-end sales and services management CRM Solution
Order Now
Ashish +91-120-6582823 / +91-120-2534066
Having trouble in reading? View it online.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Try CRM Software to make big difference

We expect to do better business in new financial year by overcoming the obstacles we faced in last year...
Are you ready to invest a little amount in your sales activities to make a big difference than last year...
If yes try CRM i.e Salesmantra
  • Boost your sales activities this year.
  • Overcome challenges of sales
  • Manage your new branches and sales team
  • Explore the potential from existing customers
  • Do timely follow up with your all prospects
  • Convert your neglected calls into sales order
  • Try to identify why your sales call have been closed in last year.
  • Give a look how many order you have lost to your competitors and why??
  • Get your customer’s feedback to improve service than last year.
  • See how many compalints you looged last year and how many you have resolved on time
  • Were you able to collect payments from customer on time.
  • Have you followed your all customer's for AMC (pending and due).
  • Are you aware that how many new prospects have been identified in existing locations and how many unexplored locations are still lined up.
  • How much you spend on exhibitions/ adv./internet and how much data you have collected from all these sources.
Think for a Sec before planning for next year. Hope you don't repeat the mistakes which were identified last year.
FSL Software technologies Ltd
Noida Office:
B-22 Sector-4
Noida-201 301
Tel:- +91-120-2534 066 , 2534 067
Mumbai Office:
604, 6th Floor, Corporate Avenue,
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Punjab Office
Tel No: +91-7508008420
Pune Office
Tel No :+91-9819176623

Monday, April 14, 2014

Challenges in Sales Management




FSL Software Technologies Ltd
Head Office
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Noida- 201 301
Tel: +91- 120 – 2534066
Mobile: +91 9871796611

Punjab : +91 7508008420
Mumbai Office:
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Sonawala Road, Goregaon (East)
Mumbai – 400 063
Tel: +91 – 22 – 26850507
Mobile: +91 9819176613

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Satisfied Sales Force Can Create Magic

What will be that one thing which will take you to the point where you see your organization on April 1, 2014???

You may be thinking of fancy marketing strategies, acquisition of new talent or cost cutting. But, our answer to this simple question is “Your People i.e. Your Satisfied Sales Force”. Yes, a satisfied Sales Person can create magic in your organization and rocket your sales figure once he put his heart in his Sales Pitch. So, let’s gift your sales team a tool called SalesMantraTM (Online CRM Software) this financial year using which they:

· CAN keep all the customer information at a centralized place which could be retrieved by him anytime (& by you too i.e. seniors/superiors) on a single click, no matter he is in office or went out-of-station.

· CAN wipe out the unproductive time from their schedule wasted in reports formulation, searching for customer follow-up history, their contact details, previous order details etc.

· CAN segregate all his leads as per their sales-cycle stage & take the printout of all his leads lying at Negotiation/Finalization stage on a few clicks.

· CAN get his “things – to – do” ready for the day at 9 AM in morning.

· CAN find out his Neglected Leads & Key Accounts all at once on a single click, ask for senior’s support on them and work according to his seniors’ suggestion/comment/feedback.

· CAN start working on a particular lead from the point where other sales person has left it as the software doesn't allow the sales person to take his data with him when he leaves the organization.

· CAN plan his client-visits by taking the contact details of all the prospects present in a particular location and it turn, target as many prospects as possible in a single tour.

· CAN enter their travelling & other expenses incurred and later, get them reimbursed without any hassle.

· CAN send emails to all his prospects/existing customers at once and track that who, at what time and how many times, is watching his mails.

The list can go on, and on, and on………………..…..

At the same time, management gets all the necessary reports (“unaffected” i.e. unbiased reports) directly from system. Few of them are as follows:
Daily Sales Leads Generated Report
Target v/s Achievement Report
Appointment Report (Employee / Branch Wise)
Order Report (Branch/Employee/Product/Source Wise)
Daily Follow-up Report
Payments Outstanding Report
Quotation Report
Expense Report (Branch/Employee/Region Wise)
Sales Prospects Funnel Reports (Hot, Cold, Exploratory)
Complaint Reports (Product/Branch Wise)
Sales Projection Report
Daily Value Addition Report

Sir, your sales figures depends on the attitude of your sales person, not the attitude of the prospect. And it will be your Sales Person only who will toil in sun and run in rain to take your organization from GOOD to GREAT.

Let’s join hands in the journey of mutual growth. For free demonstration, register online at

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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How to estimate your Return on Investment (ROI)?

Our software Sales Mantra will help you for managing the sales and service team in all the branches.

How do you estimate what your ROI on SalesMantra- CRM will be?

To determine the cost of not implementing CRM, put some numbers to the following: 
1. How many existing accounts did your company lose in the past 12 months and what were the annual revenues?
2. How many new sales opportunities did your company lose in the past 12 months and what were they worth?
3. How much non-sales activity are your salespeople doing (writing reports, processing paperwork, implementing their own marketing programs, dealing with customer service issues and getting trained? Estimate an amount for this based on the salesperson closing X more accounts per year and add this to the "loss" column.
4. Estimate the revenue of the sales opportunities your company missed for timing or lack of follow up?
5. What are other departments are doing to support sales? How many calls a day are fielded by people in back office, service to answer questions for sales reps? Multiply the estimated time spent on these questions times your average hourly loaded wage rate for the affected department’s staff.
6. How much time is spent processing or adjusting orders, due to inaccurate or incomplete information? Multiply the estimated time spent on these questions times your average hourly loaded wage rate for the affected department’s staff.
7. What is the cost of servicing your most difficult customers? Multiply the time spent on these customers times your average hourly loaded wage rate for CSR’s. (If you can’t come up with any of these numbers, you definitely need CRM!) Are these customers worth it?

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