Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is Cloud Computing Worth for Business?

Now-a-days, when we think about IT and Software, the most common word comes to our mind is Cloud Computing. When we think of it, there are several questions come to our mind. What exactly is this Cloud Computing? Is it really required for an Organization to adopt? How much effect it can produce on a Business? How much cost involved in it? So today in this article, we will discuss on all these things which are related to Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing?
In simple word when you are accessing the Data through the internet instead of your hard drive, it is called Cloud Computing. Now make it little elaborate. Almost all of us are using emails. We are sending lot of information, so many attachments/files through it. But is it getting stored in our hard drive? No. Rather it is being stored in the server of the specific email service provider, which is being accessed through internet by every user.

How does it Work's?
Cloud computing means distributed computing over a Network. It refers to a Hardware or a Group of Hardware, which is connected to a network and can be accessed by any authorized person using the connectivity of Internet. As it is connected through Internet, can be accessed from anywhere in the world. So it decreases the system dependency.

1. Cost effective: As you are storing the Data and information in the cloud, you don't have to bear the extra cost of server hardware.
2. Access Anywhere: As it is connected to internet, it can be accessed without the dependency of the system.
3. Data Back-up: Data back-up and storage is much easier than a physical device. Also the cloud service provider has their own back-up system. So that you can store and access information without worry.
4. Automatic Integration: It is much easier to integrate or customize the Software on Cloud. There is not much additional effort require for this.

1. IaaS Environment: Computational Infrastructure available on the internet and service are provided on the top of infrastructure.
2. PaaS Environment: Allow developers to leverage the resources of established Organization to create and host applications of a larger scale.
3. SaaS Environment: Allow Organizations and developers to use business specific capabilities developed by third party.

Future of Cloud Computing:
As per the current scenario, online crm software is used in many organizations and they are getting into bigger achievement. But how much helpful it will be in the near future. Let's look into it.
Centralized Data: Centralized Data is the future of cloud computing. This will allow companies a huge database. Taking care of patient, handling stock market, centralized reporting will be hugely effective through it.

More Capability: Mobile devices will be more powerful and smaller as all the application will be web based.
Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid Cloud is expected to be more efficient for Business because it will enhance the internal infrastructure and applications.

Faster intercommunication: Still cloud computing is in initial stage. By a decade or so it is expected to be a permanent solution for many organizations.

Better Security: by 2020, it is expected to improve a lot on Data Security. Minimum encryption regulation may be increased from 256-bit SSL. It may require biometric scans to access. These facilities will also be protected by advance security systems.

So we are sure that cloud computing has a very bright future. It will make your company more profitable and productive, when it can complete tasks faster and more efficiently than the current system.

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