Saturday, October 27, 2018

Business Intelligence Improved Substantially

Large team can only be controlled, monitored or managed by technology to grow with pace in the competitive market and taking small steps towards digitalization and virtualization helps to achieve big goals.
Without software, sales and service persons will update data in excel or any other format, which is actually crude way of storing data, liable to loss of information, calculation mistakes etc. Getting reports through excel, email or printed reports eats your valuable time and increase cost of a resource to consolidate & print reports. Whereas Software gives you real time reports and reduce the human error to minimum level.
Reports and Analytics are the pulse of any organization which provides insights in the financial health of the companies. They provide objectivity to any operation and help the management to keep a close look on the performance and the results of strategic decisions. 

Sales Mantra is an exceptional tool for management as it presents everyday reports with insightful information which can be accessed on a click. It enables business managers to direct their business with complete and most accurate information. These reports include:

Sales Projection Report:
  • Estimate business expected in near future or for entire year to understand whether team members are projecting orders based on their targets
  • Understanding the probability of conversion of business based on your industry you can estimate the inventory required to fulfill the projected demand 
 Lead Generation and Lead Analysis:
  • Figure out whether your team is working on new leads or they are depending upon the existing database only
  • Identify total leads received, active, closed and see how you have progress towards meeting or closures
  • Monitor zone wise performance on leads and understand where you need to focus and also get to know the productive sources where you invest or not.
Employee Performance:
  • Scorecard of each employee for entire year to measure the performance based on standard expected productive hours and actual productive hours given to organization. You can take actions to increase the productivity of employees
  • Gives clear picture of the targets, achievements, collections and expenses to find out the productive and unproductive resources.

Funnel Analysis:

  • Segregate the prospective clients based on the stage and gives the estimate value
  • Explore the movement of each opportunity so that they are not stagnant and lose their value
  • Understand the expected business from employee, branch, region and work on the area where you should focus to close the deals
Neglected Opportunities:
  • Let you know the missed opportunities so that you avoid business loss if you are missing some valuable lead.
  • Delegate the opportunities to other team members if one is over occupied
Expense Report:
  • Saves employee time to file expense and documents the receipts etc.
  • Gives you the employee expense for entire year which you can compare with his order value, also you can know how much expense incur on a particular customer.
Targets versus Achievements:
  • Achievement can be reviewed based on sales targets, inquiry generation, meetings scheduled and AMC received
  • Review performance to find out productive and unproductive resources
Complaint Monthly Report:
  • Gives you the entire complaints of year and figure out whether the complaints are increasing or decreasing on monthly basis and their resolution respectively.
  • Find the faults with product, engineer or the end users.
AMC reports:
  • Follow clients for timely AMC renewals to encase the existing business and avoid loss of business due to missed follow ups.
Customer Feedback:
  • Through dynamic feedback forms, predict the customer needs and proactively provide the solution to make long lasting relationship with new and existing clients.


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