Thursday, October 25, 2018

Get Advanced Business Intelligence Reports & Control Business by Investing Few Minutes!

As sales processes get advanced and faster, we have incorporated various new Business Intelligence Reports which will help you keep pace with the speed of doing business in today’s world.

The few reports which are an eye opener for organizations are:
Ø  Lead Analysis Report: Helps to know the current status of leads received & analysis as per different criteria like source wise, region wise, etc.
Ø  Proposal Analysis ReportGives complete analysis of proposals sent and open proposals based on hierarchy
Ø  Meeting Analysis Report: Get missed meetings on tips for each team member and their conversion to orders and proposals
Ø  Order Time Cycle ReportAnalyse the time a meeting took to convert to order. Work towards reducing this time cycle and thus improve efficiency
Ø  Employee Performance Report: Analyse complete performance of region & employees based on all parameters related to leads, meetings, proposals sent & orders received. A 5 minute snapshot will give you overall business update.
We are confident that these reports will help organizations in increasing sales & identifying the weaker areas and take corrective steps towards improving efficiency.

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