Friday, November 22, 2013

How to attain/sustain leadership in business.

         How to attain/sustain leadership in business.

In this global competitive environment, one can not afford to be complacent about one's business. We need to continuously innovate and offer increased value to our customers.Sales and service departments are the pivotal of the business. Use of an effective SalesMantra( Customer Relationship Management) tool is attaining more and more importance as the days go by.
We must motivate, monitor and support sales team, all the way in their efforts, to get business for the  company and the service department than has to delight the customer through every interaction.
Enter “Sales Mantra” a complete sales & service software,which will help you in increased sales & service operations within a few week of implementation. The software runs on internet,does not require any additional hardware, is operational from day one and is very user friendly with minimal cash outflow. Our numerous customers all over the country have benefited significantly through the software.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SalesMantra CRM Software India

Give Superior Service to your customer with india's superior CRM software

Give superior service to your customer                                        
      With india’s superior CRM Software i.e.

·       Deliver amount of timely and accurate information.
·       SalesMantra substantially deliver better results in reducing the sales cycle
·       Speed up processes and to increase accountability.
·       Gain better business insight
·       Effective cross-sell and up-sell.
·       Real time performance data
·       Intelligent reports and dashboard
·       Better report on interaction history
·       Spend more time on selling rather than administrating
·       Prevents misunderstandings and missing deadlines.

Monday, November 18, 2013

“Sales Mantra”is ready to help you in the below 3 Departments!!

Sales Mantrais ready to help you in the below 3 Departments!!
·         Are you able to Do Marketing & Branding at a very Low Cost?
·         Can you track the response of your Email Campaign?
·         Are you able to Manage Data properly in a common place?
·         Is it difficult to gather Data and generate Reports on a Daily Basis?
·         Are the Follow-ups missing by your Sales-Executives?
·         Are you able to track the status of your last Quotation sent?
·         What about the Data Safety & Security after Employee attrition?
·         Are you able to communicate with all your subordinates in a busy schedule?
·         Are you getting proper reports for Pending and Completed Complaints?
·         Can you assign the complaints to your Service Engineer on Field from your office in a Single Click?
·         Can you track your AMC due date in a Single Report?
·         Do you know when your next Service visit to your Customers is?
·         Can you track the Spares used in servicing?
·         What’s your Feedback from your customer on the Service provided by your team?

Friday, November 15, 2013

SalesMantra Marketing Automation

SalesMantra Marketing Automation

In today's world, for every company to grow, they need to have a robust IT infrastructure along with complimenting, user friendly and effective software solution. Most of the companies hit the mark on the former, but when it comes to latter part, they are quite jinxed about making the right decision for it. Many companies do not want invest in automating their internal process and reside to use the conventional methods of doing work. Little do they know that the time consumed in doing those unproductive activities can be utilized for new and innovative ideas.

This is where a SalesMantra Marketing Software comes in to help those traditionally-bound employees to venture out and adopt new methods of automating their business processes. A Customer Relationship Management software- SalesMantra, is a proven accomplishment to automate the internal processes of a company. Every management wants to focus more on the productive activities that would yield them more revenue rather that keeping their employees busy in mundane work of making reports day after day.

A SalesMantra Automation software automates sales and services process, helps the employees interact with the clients and prospects and maintain healthy business relationship for further business development. Companies know that having a happy customer is a key in building new avenues of relationship. SalesMantra Automation software has been proven an effective solution in nurturing this relation establish a well-placed confidence in the client's mind.

Through the SalesMantra Marketing Automation software, sales and service people are able to generate lead and set targets. Through proper follow-ups and regular interaction, more and more leads are now being converted into sales. Better management of data and having the full history makes it simpler for new employees to work upon the existing clients as well. Also on service front, SalesMantra has a justified success and help the companies to never miss on AMCs and ensuring that any complaints received are amended in time without causing inconvenience to the clients.

SalesMantra Automation software has shown its ability to adapt to any kind of business and now being implemented in every company, irrespective of their nature of business. Those not automating their processes are now realizing that need of SalesMantra and now one could see the MSMEs also investing in a such software solution to place them well in the dynamic market. Automating of business processes is here to stay and has become an imperative part of every company