Friday, November 8, 2013



 SALESMANTRA  Software has become an increasingly important tool of any business engaged in sales and service of its products. SALESMANTRAallows businesses to streamline their sales, marketing and customer services processes. With the integration of sales, marketing, and service processes, the software makes it easier for the sales and marketing team of the company to work together as a team, identify new markets and prospects, close deals faster and help building a long and successful business relationship.

SALESMANTRA software is used for the automation of the sales related activities of a company. Sales of a product can be divided into different stages - lead generation & qualification, value proposition and interaction, proposal presentation, negotiation and closing the sale. SALESMANTRA software effectively automates all these stages , presenting the company a holistic view of all their prospects and customers and help them to focus on specific segments of the market. Company can easily access the database, view the entire information of a lead, historical information and the past interactions with them. In order to have real-time status of every detail, the best way to have it is through a cloud based SALESMANTRA  software.

A well defined SALESMANTRA in an organization will help them to boost their sales revenue, focus on their firm prospects, set realistic targets and work towards achieving them. Through various reports available from the software, one can have the information on need-to-know basis. The software helps in identifying the market (industry, geography wise) which is the most beneficial and allows the company to focus on initiating new strategies to tap the known and unknown markets.  SALESMANTRA software helps in maximizing the benefit obtained from a customer, at the same time giving them the maximum benefit out of the system.

No matter what industry segment an organization is in, whether manufacturing, sales and service, financial, educational, hospitality, publications, pharmaceutical or any other industry, SALESMANTRA software provides strategic advantage to every company. It is a known fact that happy and satisfied customers are the biggest assets of a company and further giving them value must be the foremost ambition. And to successfully carry out this goal, along with other, a well placed SALES MANTRA software is must for every company.

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  1. CRM Software like SalesMantra gives our sales team a competitive edge and we reach prospects before our competitor does.