Monday, November 11, 2013

Ensure Increased Profitability

Ensure Increased Profitability

Through Sales Mantra (Sales Module) Software as under:-
(A web based software, requires no infrastructure and is operational from day one)

Ø  Ease of operation and control- any place, any time review and action initiation by management personnel
Ø  Time management to improve productivity
Ø  Competition module- to beat the competition
Ø  More accurate sales predictions
Ø  No business loss due to attritions- prospects of persons leaving are available in system and can be reassigned
Ø  Two way communications-eliminates waiting to meet manager for decisions and avoids unnecessary travel. Management can communicate with any person and get feedback.
Ø  All instructions from management gets monitored till closure

Ø  Elimination of time spent in non-productive jobs
·          Elimination of report writing time
·          Eliminates preparation for sales reviews as all data is available updated till last moment
·          Duplicity of sales call is avoided- The system will not permit creation of duplicate sales call, unless specifically asked
·          Contact details availability on a click - No time lost in searching for same
·          Complete sales call history- available on a click- No need to go thru bulky files
·          No filing needed-eliminates bulky files which in turn require huge storage space
·          Conveyance/traveling expenses can be recorded along with recording interaction with customer- No need to submit separate expense vouchers
·          Sending quotations- quotation sending is just a click away from sales call. All customer/product details automatically gets filled in from sales call
            All this results in minimum 2.30 hours to 3.00 hours saving of a sales person on a daily basis.
Ø  Product information for existing customer- thru e-mail facility at negligible cost
Ø  Lead generation module
Ø  Remote locations work as virtual teams
Ø  The software lets the management know what the customer wants at what price
Ø  Analysis of sales calls from sales funnel as per customer requirement
Ø  Last contact report- informs about untouched sales calls
Ø  Account mapping report- gives most meaningful information about your prospects 
Ø  Support the sales team as under
·          Quick search facility- enables availability of desired information on a click
·          Alerts facility- to ensure there is no slippage
·          Diary facility- to plan for monthly/quarterly activities, travel plans, meetings etc
·          News letter facility- enables quick information availability
·          Things to do-ensures that all things planned get done
·          Appointment details- for effective preparation and planning
·          Meeting to be fixed-so that none of the prospects remain untouched
·          Handling of multiple transactions in one visit made possible
·          Price list available in library feature
·          Terms and conditions-available in library facility
·          Important document can be scanned and stored in library for reference by all sales persons

ØNew prospect/customers added report- informs effectiveness of the sales person
Ø  Daily work/activity report- to further guide the sales person
Ø  Performance monitoring for sales force- thru Targets Vs Achievements monitoring
Ø  Receivable controls- thru systematic follow-up
Ø  Large customer order where specific terms and conditions are to be met can be scanned and stored along with sales call for continuous reference and adherence. This will ensure compliance to all terms and conditions, which will result in immediate payment
Ø  Once the prospect is found, he will be there for follow up in system (come rain or shine) till you decide to drop him.

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  1. It is easy to implement and gives extraordinary results in very short span.