Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sales Force Automation for Pharmaceutical Companies

FSL Pharma SFA - Medi Sales Reporter is an easy to use software, largely focuses on the contact management system of sales force of company to track all contacts made with doctors, chemists, stockiest or hospitals. It builds a direct linkage between the corporate head quarters, regional offices and all remote sales representatives. It provides valuable information on daily visits to Doctors, Chemists, Stockiest, and Stocks of Samples/Gifts with Representatives.

It helps representatives manage and track physician visits, as well as monitor and project sales quotas. In addition, you can take advantage of detailed reporting functionality that helps you identify which physicians are most receptive cross-sell opportunities and manage physician feedback and follow through. It helps the sales representatives to have a complete perspective of their entire sales cycle at any given point of time.

It helps in reducing the filling up of long reports by representatives at the end of the day. It also provides several facilities for the Representatives viz. planning their daily activities, schedulers, and auto-generation of repetitive information.


  • Capture and share physician and contact information within organization
  • Get a complete view of all interaction with doctors/physicians
  • Record communication with physicians on an ongoing basis
  • Track and capture the number of visits made to physicians
  • Calculate potential revenue gained from physician visits
  • Segment physician interaction information based on specialization or geography
  • Easy and efficient access of information, follow up and decision making.


  • Password Protected Web Application.
  • Daily Call report management - Online submission of Daily Call Reports
  • Comprehensive Database of Doctors for Contact and Relationship Management.
  • Details of Channel Partners, like Stockiest and Chemists,
  • Doctors / Chemist / Hospitals/ Stockist visited
  • Mapping of MR to Geographical Units.
  • Sampling management
  • Unique Mapping of Doctors and Channel Partners to MRs.
  • Issue of samples/gifts to MRs.
  • Online expense entry and expense statement generation for approval
  • Monthly Tour planner
  • Online Submission and approval of Tour Programs.
  • Standard Tour Plan management
  • Leave details management
  • Email and SMS alert services
  • Contacts management
  • Extensive Product management
  • News and Alerts management.
  • User management
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Rights management
  • Analyses of Doctor Calls and Product Promotion.


· Reduces Communication time and cost between the sales representatives / Managers and HQ

· It also helps to build and manage a perfect response plans in real time based on the data from the sales representatives, before their competitors can gain significant market share.

· It helps to maintain a detailed and updated customer profiles (Doctors / Chemist / Hospitals/ Stockiest) in easy to use form.

· Any time anywhere access of the system will enable each sales staff to instantly report the superiors.

· It helps in applying for leaves and getting the actual status of leaves pending and availed

· It provides plan sheets for Area and regional branch managers.

· It helps each user to get a details analysis and reports on the entire activity and statistical data which will empower them for better planning.

Module Details

The software captures full details of the prospects through various modules like:

The contact module which consists of information on:

  • Doctors: details on their addresses, availability details, specializations and many more
  • Hospital: location details of the hospital, various departments in it and contact persons in each department,
  • Chemist/stockiest:
  • Samples/ gift quantity

Contact List gives a clear picture of:

  • Doctors/ chemists/ stockiest followed by a representative at any given point of time
  • Helps in segregating the data according to the location, category, etc.

Plan programs for the company employees:

  • Standard tour plan
  • Monthly tour plan
  • Area Business manager plan
  • Regional business manager plan

Daily Call report

· To get a clear picture of various doctors, chemists, stockiest to be visited

· To fill in details of actual visits done on a daily basis

· To get a clear picture of samples/gifts given to various doctors, etc

· To know the collections received from stockiest, chemists, etc

· To know the requirements of the chemist, stockiest, doctors, hospitals on daily basis.

· To keep a record of expenses incurred by the representatives.

Leave Module:

  • Assigning leaves to the employees of a company
  • To apply for leave to senior management
  • To approve leave applied by the employees
  • To keep a clear picture of leaves allotted as well as availed by an employee to plan accordingly

Diary Module:

  • Plan daily activities
  • Tour planner
  • Appointment reports and search facility for appointments
  • Expense entry and approval
  • Details of meetings not disposed

Other Features

  • Search option to quick search any enquiry
  • Quick links to browse through and add entries in a user friendly manner
  • Latest News section to update the team with important news
  • Calendar to know the things planned for any particular date
  • Alerts to know about different updates

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Evening reports for you to ponder over & have a GOOD NIGHT sleep

How will you like to receive complete business summary reports updated upto that moment giving minute details about all business activities before you call of the day?

Presenting following 10 reports, which your secretary can print from the system at close of business hours, enabling you to direct your business with complete and most accurate information...

1. Sales Prospects Summary Reports

Branch-wise, Employee-wise, Product-wise

(With count and values)

2. Sales Prospects Funnel Reports

(Hot, Cold, Exploratory)

Branch-wise, Employee-wise, Product-wise

(With count and values)

3. Sales Projection Reports

(Weekly, Monthly, Bimonthly)

Branch-wise, Employee-wise, Product-wise

(With count and values)

4. Orders Received Reports

Branch-wise, Employee-wise, Product-wise

(With count and values)

5. Inventory Status Reports

Branch-wise, Employee-wise, Product-wise

(With count and values)

Adjusted for firm orders received, Orders

shipped and in-transit finished good inventory

6. Order received report v/s Collection report

Branch-wise, Employee-wise, Product-wise

(With count and values)

7. Expense Report

Branch-wise, Employee-wise

8. Orders pending for shipment Report

Branch-wise, Employee-wise

9. Order shipped Report

Branch-wise, Employee-wise

10. Customer Complaint(s) status

Branch-wise, Employee-wise

This is not a mirage

Fortunately, it is possible through use of our CRM software called

frontline SSM

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The Software runs on internet, does not require additional hardware, is ready to implement and implemented by us within a week time without any interruptions in your day to day activities.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All is well?

You are well aware, that ‘All is well’ in business is applicable, if only we are in constant touch with our customers and prospect base. Any lack of constant touch results in immediate loss of the prospect and gradual loss of the customer.

Latest researches have proved as under:

Lack of involvement of latest technology for lead generation, product branding etc. like not sending sms, emails, non availability of web sites, non availability of enquiry forms etc. results in a dip of at least 30% in product enquiries.

Research has also proved beyond doubt that cost of doing nothing, in implementing the right technology and tools, costs the organization very dearly and negates the efforts made by it.

The business can never be person driven and must be process driven.

Sales process is a science and lack of scientific method in following the process results in gradual dip in business. Customer buys when he wants to buy and not when we want to sell. The catch is, we should be there in his mind all the times by constantly being in touch with him.

This is the reason why all successful companies in the world are going in for CRM solution – a tool to manage the sales and customer relations.Greetings of the day.

Fortunately, such a tool is available in India at affordable prices, called

frontline SSM

A complete end-to-end sales and service management CRM solution

frontline SSM totally meets the above requirements of business as under:

  • Details of each customer could be entered and history could be maintained to have better follow up with the customers.

  • The technical as well as commercial details of the products can be saved in the library to have a ready reference of the same at any time and at any place.

  • The products can be classified according to various types depending on their specifications or according to the vendors.

  • Total management of inventory for products and spare parts can be done through the software.

  • The software helps you in managing the inventory for the consumables/ spare parts along with the products.

  • The detailed history of number of visits along with the work done in each visit for the turn key projects can be recorded and viewed in future for reference.

  • As the software works on internet, it helps in integrating the complete functions of the company irrespective of the location of various branches.

  • Helps in knowing the actual details on all the services done and the spares used in the same for the easy calculation of expenditure on each service done.

  • The team and segments can be defined in the system to keep a proper record of the segments and thus cater to the prospects accordingly.

  • The Quick Complaints Form helps to register a complaint in a few seconds so that the customer gets attended in a minimum span of time.

  • The complaint history is maintained which helps in knowing the details of the equipments at a given point of time.

  • The AMC details could be maintained in the software which would help in knowing the amount due against AMC each month from the customers.

  • The real time reports generated by the software such as sales call report, Product Order Report, Employee Target Report, etc help in knowing various details about the products and employee performance.

  • The service reports such as Complaint Reports, AMC due reports, Service Reports, etc help in reviewing the details about the service done for the equipments, etc.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Complexities of doing business in present environment

While the competition is hotting up, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain and control the people working with the organisation, inspite of the employee cost being high.

The cost of doing business with a new customer is five times the amount of doing business with an existing customer. While new customers have to be developed, the existing customers are to be nurtured for realizing their full potential.

The cost of doing nothing to avoid losing opportunities and customers and reduced employee productivity works out to phenomenal amounts and may even negate the efforts being made. The management needs to have an overview of the existing customer and prospect base so as to enable them to constantly change their business practices to continue to come upto their expectations by continuously knowing the pulse of the market in an ever changing environment

The employees on the one hand are needed to be continuously supported to enable them to do their business effectively, the management on the other hand, should be able to oversee what each of the persons is doing, so as to enable them derive full value of the monthly salary bill.

Fortunately, it is possible to solve these complexities, thru use of CRM software called frontline SSM – A complete end to end CRM software solution

• Puts your process in place day 1
• Provides work schedule- appointments/my diary
• Central repository of sales documents
• No more report writing for sales reps- system generated reports
• Alerts to prompt pro-active action
• Provides effective complaint management
• Resource optimization
• Complete customer/ product history on a click
• Service engineer skill level assessment
• Highly scalable and viable for small as well as large teams
• Simple, User friendly and Cost effective solution
• Immediate Implementation
• No hardware or software to buy or maintain
• Web capabilities to access from anywhere, anytime.

Business Values
• Increase revenues
• Reduced cycle time to sell
• Reduced avg. turnaround time
• Improve customer response / relationship
• Work anytime from anywhere
• Faster communication with team
• Make strategic business decisions based on MIS

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‘The Software pays for itself’
‘You only have to say yes, we do the rest’
‘You enjoy the benefits of the business you have so lovingly and painstakingly built.’

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reduce costs, Reduce unproductive time, Reduce your environmental footprint

Currently, 4.5 trillion pages, or 700 pages per person, are produced by businesses every year. The cost and effort involved in reading, capture and processing these documents is mind-boggling.

The "harvesting of forests" for paper to print for sales reports & documents and mail marketing materials is no longer necessary. Conservation is important to our planet and we can all play a part by using the environmentally friendly sales & marketing tools available to deliver vital information.

By going as paperless as possible, your company can help reduce carbon output, save our forests, and reduce the amount of environmentally hazardous materials used in the industry.

frontline SSMis a SaaS (Software as a Service) model that enables companies to use an existing and hosted CRM solution requiring no additional hardware and without any implementation hassles to go paperless working for sales and service teams.

Business Benefits

· Cost - cost of paper, cost of office storage space, cost of staff dealing with paper

· Staff - reduces the number of employees dealing with paperwork and manual tasks

· Visibility – Online 24 X 7 reports enable you to have visibility over your processes. Everything is stored in the database.

· Product Brochures/Service detail/company profile/terms and Condition etc – Accessibility Anytime from any where

· Efficiency - Improves organisational efficiency, minimizes risks, and enforces organisational policies.

frontline SSM increases competitive advantage:

· Enhance accuracy to over 99.9%.

· Improves the turn-around-time by up to 50%.

· Save efforts up to 70%.

· Reduce cost by up to 60%.

· Scales easily to match your organization's growth.

· Supporting the sales function with other parts of the promotional mix (such as email campaigns and SMS campaigns)

· The latest status for each prospect is available on demand.

· The prospect’s complete history is available

· Better and transparent communication and co-operation between sales personnel enhances successful team selling.

· Extremely user-friendly.

‘Together we can create momentum toward going green, you only have to say yes, we do the rest’