Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All is well?

You are well aware, that ‘All is well’ in business is applicable, if only we are in constant touch with our customers and prospect base. Any lack of constant touch results in immediate loss of the prospect and gradual loss of the customer.

Latest researches have proved as under:

Lack of involvement of latest technology for lead generation, product branding etc. like not sending sms, emails, non availability of web sites, non availability of enquiry forms etc. results in a dip of at least 30% in product enquiries.

Research has also proved beyond doubt that cost of doing nothing, in implementing the right technology and tools, costs the organization very dearly and negates the efforts made by it.

The business can never be person driven and must be process driven.

Sales process is a science and lack of scientific method in following the process results in gradual dip in business. Customer buys when he wants to buy and not when we want to sell. The catch is, we should be there in his mind all the times by constantly being in touch with him.

This is the reason why all successful companies in the world are going in for CRM solution – a tool to manage the sales and customer relations.Greetings of the day.

Fortunately, such a tool is available in India at affordable prices, called

frontline SSM

A complete end-to-end sales and service management CRM solution

frontline SSM totally meets the above requirements of business as under:

  • Details of each customer could be entered and history could be maintained to have better follow up with the customers.

  • The technical as well as commercial details of the products can be saved in the library to have a ready reference of the same at any time and at any place.

  • The products can be classified according to various types depending on their specifications or according to the vendors.

  • Total management of inventory for products and spare parts can be done through the software.

  • The software helps you in managing the inventory for the consumables/ spare parts along with the products.

  • The detailed history of number of visits along with the work done in each visit for the turn key projects can be recorded and viewed in future for reference.

  • As the software works on internet, it helps in integrating the complete functions of the company irrespective of the location of various branches.

  • Helps in knowing the actual details on all the services done and the spares used in the same for the easy calculation of expenditure on each service done.

  • The team and segments can be defined in the system to keep a proper record of the segments and thus cater to the prospects accordingly.

  • The Quick Complaints Form helps to register a complaint in a few seconds so that the customer gets attended in a minimum span of time.

  • The complaint history is maintained which helps in knowing the details of the equipments at a given point of time.

  • The AMC details could be maintained in the software which would help in knowing the amount due against AMC each month from the customers.

  • The real time reports generated by the software such as sales call report, Product Order Report, Employee Target Report, etc help in knowing various details about the products and employee performance.

  • The service reports such as Complaint Reports, AMC due reports, Service Reports, etc help in reviewing the details about the service done for the equipments, etc.
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  1. Very True, every business requires a regular touch with customer to get orders and repeat orders as well. In todays competitive environment such tools are very essential to be in regular interaction with the customers. Also the existing customers if regularly followed provide more business than new prospects.

  2. A detailed study of the customer makes us more familiar with his business and in providing better solutions which may increase his profits. Regular customer interaction helps in achieving the same, and in case we have a tool to manage all these efforts and organise things, it's great!!!!

  3. frontlineSSM promises faster customer service at lower costs, higher customer satisfaction and from this, better customer retention and ultimately customer loyalty

  4. With emails and mobile technologies becoming more prominent, there is more demand of such technologies which help us in sending mailers, SMS, etc to the customers, as it is very difficult to meet a prospect unless he/she wants us to meet him/her.
    So these tools (SMS and emails) have become very important to keep in regular contact with the customers, both existing as well as new prospect base.

  5. Sales & Marketing Processes is everywhere in any business activities, & to managing sales leads & activities become more cumbersome.
    Now We have a very effective Sales & Service Management Tool to manage sales & Service information more effective & make the business make lucrative.

    Following are the Features of "Frontline SSM"

    Rich Contact Management
    Suspect / Prospect Data Management
    Track History of each Sales Lead
    Rank Leads on their Buying Interest
    Effective Tracking of Activities and Follow Ups
    Prompt users for timely Follow Ups
    MIS Reports
    Sales Pipeline and Activity Reports
    Automates Correspondence Preparation
    Ready Quote/ Invoice Generation Facility
    Quick Retrieval of Letters & Templates
    Template Management
    Captures every document/eMail for a Sales Lead/Activity
    Simplified Mail Merge and e-Mail Merge
    Security and User Access Rights


    Increased Sales
    Bring-in more Profitability
    Organize Leads and Streamline Follow Ups
    Sales Team Performance Analysis
    Eliminate Bottlenecks
    Maximize your Sales Efforts

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