Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reduce costs, Reduce unproductive time, Reduce your environmental footprint

Currently, 4.5 trillion pages, or 700 pages per person, are produced by businesses every year. The cost and effort involved in reading, capture and processing these documents is mind-boggling.

The "harvesting of forests" for paper to print for sales reports & documents and mail marketing materials is no longer necessary. Conservation is important to our planet and we can all play a part by using the environmentally friendly sales & marketing tools available to deliver vital information.

By going as paperless as possible, your company can help reduce carbon output, save our forests, and reduce the amount of environmentally hazardous materials used in the industry.

frontline SSMis a SaaS (Software as a Service) model that enables companies to use an existing and hosted CRM solution requiring no additional hardware and without any implementation hassles to go paperless working for sales and service teams.

Business Benefits

· Cost - cost of paper, cost of office storage space, cost of staff dealing with paper

· Staff - reduces the number of employees dealing with paperwork and manual tasks

· Visibility – Online 24 X 7 reports enable you to have visibility over your processes. Everything is stored in the database.

· Product Brochures/Service detail/company profile/terms and Condition etc – Accessibility Anytime from any where

· Efficiency - Improves organisational efficiency, minimizes risks, and enforces organisational policies.

frontline SSM increases competitive advantage:

· Enhance accuracy to over 99.9%.

· Improves the turn-around-time by up to 50%.

· Save efforts up to 70%.

· Reduce cost by up to 60%.

· Scales easily to match your organization's growth.

· Supporting the sales function with other parts of the promotional mix (such as email campaigns and SMS campaigns)

· The latest status for each prospect is available on demand.

· The prospect’s complete history is available

· Better and transparent communication and co-operation between sales personnel enhances successful team selling.

· Extremely user-friendly.

‘Together we can create momentum toward going green, you only have to say yes, we do the rest’


  1. great!!

    what a concept

    Its a real greenovation for planet

  2. "Frontline SSM" (End to End Sales & Service Management Solution)

    Increase Sales & Service Revenue Manifolds !!

    The business requirements are as under:

    • Identifying the prospects (as demand is increasing as the product is cost effective with high efficiency)

    • As the product finds utility in various industries there are large number of prospects (there is need to contact the large prospect base)

    • The products are large in number and proper classification of products (measurement solutions and identification solutions) is required to manage them as well as handle queries related to the products.

    • The products inventory needs to be managed to prevent products from being obsolete.

    • The details about the consumables need to be managed too.

    • Complete details of the work in progress and work done needs to be known in case of turnkey projects to carry the work forward.

    • Technical details of the products and the pricing details too.

    • To communicate and work in integration among all the branches of the Company.

    • To control the work and minimize loss of data due to employee attrition.

    • Follow up with the prospects to know the requirements and work accordingly

    • Segregate the customer/prospect according to the industry they belong to and the product they require.

    • Regular updating to the customers about the enhancements made in the equipments.

    • Complaint management system to cater to the complaints being received on a daily basis.

    • AMC’s and complaints management.

    Frontline SSM totally meets the above requirements of business as under:

    • Details of each customer could be entered and history could be maintained to have better follow up with the customers.

    • The technical as well as commercial details of the products can be saved in the library to have a ready reference of the same at any time and at any place.

    • The products can be classified according to various types depending on their specifications or according to the vendors.

    • Total management of inventory for products and spare parts can be done through the software.

    • The software helps you in managing the inventory for the consumables/ spare parts along with the products.

    • The detailed history of number of visits along with the work done in each visit for the turn key projects can be recorded and viewed in future for reference.

    • As the software works on internet, it helps in integrating the complete functions of the company irrespective of the location of various branches.

    • Helps in knowing the actual details on all the services done and the spares used in the same for the easy calculation of expenditure on each service done.

    • The team and segments can be defined in the system to keep a proper record of the segments and thus cater to the prospects accordingly.

    • The Quick Complaints Form helps to register a complaint in a few seconds so that the customer gets attended in a minimum span of time.

    • The complaint history is maintained which helps in knowing the details of the equipments at a given point of time.

    • The AMC details could be maintained in the software which would help in knowing the amount due against AMC each month from the customers.

    • The real time reports generated by the software such as sales call report, Product Order Report, Employee Target Report, etc help in knowing various details about the products and employee performance.

    • The service reports such as Complaint Reports, AMC due reports, Service Reports, etc help in reviewing the details about the service done for the equipments, etc.

  3. frontlineSSM provides the tools needed to create and maintain a clear view of customers, whilst consolidating such views in real-time

  4. frontlineSSM generate real time reports by the helping of this software such as sales call report, Product Order Report, Employee Target Report, etc help in knowing various details about the products and employee performance.