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Sales Force Automation for Pharmaceutical Companies

FSL Pharma SFA - Medi Sales Reporter is an easy to use software, largely focuses on the contact management system of sales force of company to track all contacts made with doctors, chemists, stockiest or hospitals. It builds a direct linkage between the corporate head quarters, regional offices and all remote sales representatives. It provides valuable information on daily visits to Doctors, Chemists, Stockiest, and Stocks of Samples/Gifts with Representatives.

It helps representatives manage and track physician visits, as well as monitor and project sales quotas. In addition, you can take advantage of detailed reporting functionality that helps you identify which physicians are most receptive cross-sell opportunities and manage physician feedback and follow through. It helps the sales representatives to have a complete perspective of their entire sales cycle at any given point of time.

It helps in reducing the filling up of long reports by representatives at the end of the day. It also provides several facilities for the Representatives viz. planning their daily activities, schedulers, and auto-generation of repetitive information.


  • Capture and share physician and contact information within organization
  • Get a complete view of all interaction with doctors/physicians
  • Record communication with physicians on an ongoing basis
  • Track and capture the number of visits made to physicians
  • Calculate potential revenue gained from physician visits
  • Segment physician interaction information based on specialization or geography
  • Easy and efficient access of information, follow up and decision making.


  • Password Protected Web Application.
  • Daily Call report management - Online submission of Daily Call Reports
  • Comprehensive Database of Doctors for Contact and Relationship Management.
  • Details of Channel Partners, like Stockiest and Chemists,
  • Doctors / Chemist / Hospitals/ Stockist visited
  • Mapping of MR to Geographical Units.
  • Sampling management
  • Unique Mapping of Doctors and Channel Partners to MRs.
  • Issue of samples/gifts to MRs.
  • Online expense entry and expense statement generation for approval
  • Monthly Tour planner
  • Online Submission and approval of Tour Programs.
  • Standard Tour Plan management
  • Leave details management
  • Email and SMS alert services
  • Contacts management
  • Extensive Product management
  • News and Alerts management.
  • User management
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Rights management
  • Analyses of Doctor Calls and Product Promotion.


· Reduces Communication time and cost between the sales representatives / Managers and HQ

· It also helps to build and manage a perfect response plans in real time based on the data from the sales representatives, before their competitors can gain significant market share.

· It helps to maintain a detailed and updated customer profiles (Doctors / Chemist / Hospitals/ Stockiest) in easy to use form.

· Any time anywhere access of the system will enable each sales staff to instantly report the superiors.

· It helps in applying for leaves and getting the actual status of leaves pending and availed

· It provides plan sheets for Area and regional branch managers.

· It helps each user to get a details analysis and reports on the entire activity and statistical data which will empower them for better planning.

Module Details

The software captures full details of the prospects through various modules like:

The contact module which consists of information on:

  • Doctors: details on their addresses, availability details, specializations and many more
  • Hospital: location details of the hospital, various departments in it and contact persons in each department,
  • Chemist/stockiest:
  • Samples/ gift quantity

Contact List gives a clear picture of:

  • Doctors/ chemists/ stockiest followed by a representative at any given point of time
  • Helps in segregating the data according to the location, category, etc.

Plan programs for the company employees:

  • Standard tour plan
  • Monthly tour plan
  • Area Business manager plan
  • Regional business manager plan

Daily Call report

· To get a clear picture of various doctors, chemists, stockiest to be visited

· To fill in details of actual visits done on a daily basis

· To get a clear picture of samples/gifts given to various doctors, etc

· To know the collections received from stockiest, chemists, etc

· To know the requirements of the chemist, stockiest, doctors, hospitals on daily basis.

· To keep a record of expenses incurred by the representatives.

Leave Module:

  • Assigning leaves to the employees of a company
  • To apply for leave to senior management
  • To approve leave applied by the employees
  • To keep a clear picture of leaves allotted as well as availed by an employee to plan accordingly

Diary Module:

  • Plan daily activities
  • Tour planner
  • Appointment reports and search facility for appointments
  • Expense entry and approval
  • Details of meetings not disposed

Other Features

  • Search option to quick search any enquiry
  • Quick links to browse through and add entries in a user friendly manner
  • Latest News section to update the team with important news
  • Calendar to know the things planned for any particular date
  • Alerts to know about different updates

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