Monday, November 18, 2013

“Sales Mantra”is ready to help you in the below 3 Departments!!

Sales Mantrais ready to help you in the below 3 Departments!!
·         Are you able to Do Marketing & Branding at a very Low Cost?
·         Can you track the response of your Email Campaign?
·         Are you able to Manage Data properly in a common place?
·         Is it difficult to gather Data and generate Reports on a Daily Basis?
·         Are the Follow-ups missing by your Sales-Executives?
·         Are you able to track the status of your last Quotation sent?
·         What about the Data Safety & Security after Employee attrition?
·         Are you able to communicate with all your subordinates in a busy schedule?
·         Are you getting proper reports for Pending and Completed Complaints?
·         Can you assign the complaints to your Service Engineer on Field from your office in a Single Click?
·         Can you track your AMC due date in a Single Report?
·         Do you know when your next Service visit to your Customers is?
·         Can you track the Spares used in servicing?
·         What’s your Feedback from your customer on the Service provided by your team?

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