Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Sales Mantra" - A Comprehensive Sales Force Automation Tool

The software will do the following to your business, which you have most lovingly and painstakingly built, to come to the current level:-

"Sales Mantra" precisely enables you to do the following:-

* Generate additional prospects on daily basis.
* Protect your prospects.
* Increase your sales turnover manifold.
* Get much improved sales projections.
* Reduce your working capital substantially.
* Interconnect all the branches to get a overall projection and order information at any time.
*Increase the output of your sales team as a minimum of 40%

The business requirements are as under :

* Identifying the prospects (as demand is increasing as the product is cost effective with high efficiency)

* The Large number of sales force can easily be supported through the system, by providing them instant contact details, reference to technical details, pricing, diary facility, customer history, sending instant quotation and elimination of daily report writing, preparation for review details, submission of separate expense accounts etc.

* Our software enables your sales team to meet almost double the prospects they are meeting presently by cutting down on their non- productive time by 35-40% which they spend on preparing daily sales report, finding product details, customer details, etc as the need for this is totally eliminated by the use of this software.

* This fully automated software takes care of all your reports with regard to pre-order activities and post order payment status, on the basis of just a small input at the end of the day from your sales team.

* In case an employee leaves the organization, his prospect can be assigned to another employee without any loss of prospect.
* The system gives you much improved sales projections, so that inventory levels remain under total control.

* The system keeps a track for payment follow-up history against each invoice, enabling you to collect your payment by resolving customer issue, queries, where ever applicable and through total control over follow-ups. The write offs chance are greatly eliminated by the use of this system.

* Segregate the customer/prospect according to the industry they belong to and the product they require.

* The products can be classified according to various types depending on their specifications or according to the vendors.

* The technical as well as commercial details of the products can be saved in the library to have a ready reference of the same at any time and at any place.

* As the software works on internet, it helps in integrating the complete functions of the company irrespective of the location of various branches
* The team and segments can be defined in the system to keep a proper record of the segments and thus cater to the prospects accordingly.
* Our Software takes care of receivable & helps in realizing the total amount in case of Government Clients.

* The real time reports generated by the software such as sales call report, Product Order Report, Employee Target Report, etc help in knowing various details about the products and employee performance.

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