Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Try CRM Software to make big difference

We expect to do better business in new financial year by overcoming the obstacles we faced in last year...
Are you ready to invest a little amount in your sales activities to make a big difference than last year...
If yes try CRM i.e Salesmantra
  • Boost your sales activities this year.
  • Overcome challenges of sales
  • Manage your new branches and sales team
  • Explore the potential from existing customers
  • Do timely follow up with your all prospects
  • Convert your neglected calls into sales order
  • Try to identify why your sales call have been closed in last year.
  • Give a look how many order you have lost to your competitors and why??
  • Get your customer’s feedback to improve service than last year.
  • See how many compalints you looged last year and how many you have resolved on time
  • Were you able to collect payments from customer on time.
  • Have you followed your all customer's for AMC (pending and due).
  • Are you aware that how many new prospects have been identified in existing locations and how many unexplored locations are still lined up.
  • How much you spend on exhibitions/ adv./internet and how much data you have collected from all these sources.
Think for a Sec before planning for next year. Hope you don't repeat the mistakes which were identified last year.

FSL Software technologies Ltd
Noida Office:
B-22 Sector-4
Noida-201 301
Tel:- +91-120-2534 066 , 2534 067
Email:- sales@salesmantra.com
Mumbai Office:
604, 6th Floor, Corporate Avenue,
Sonawala Road, Goregaon(E),Mumbai- 400 063 Tel:- 022- 6555 0506, 6534 7202
Email:- mumbaisales@salesmantra.com
Punjab Office
Tel No: +91-7508008420
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Tel No :+91-9819176623

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