Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why CRM is required by every industry?

It’s a true fact that your products are required by many industry types in different purposes in their factories, offices, etc. In fact, even a small cluster at an industrial township, will have a number of prospects, who could use your products.

The market for your products thus is immense and the sales turnover depends upon our ability to contact as many prospects as possible.

In order to derive maximum benefits from the sales force employed, we need to support & control the sales team continuously.

In the absence of a proper tool in this regard one could face the following problems:

  • One may not have detailed report about the efforts put in by the employees. The manual report writing is very time consuming and very little rewarding because of time loss & efforts involved in going through the same.
  • One may lose his data in case the employee leaves the organization with his diary where he has noted the total details of the clients he deals with.
  • Details about the sales order, customer, prospects, etc have to be searched resulting in waste of valuable time.

In this kind of situation, one loses upon many selling opportunities, where his competitor moves forward & snatches the deal.

This is a genuine business problem & you must be looking for a solution for this. Fortunately there is a simple solution available.

We have a specialized CRM for your organization which is very simple and easy to use. The software is implemented by us and we provide training and support through out the year. It will help you in organizing your sales team and the work being done by them on regular basis. Data once fed into the system and no one can delete the name of the enquiries from the same.

The cost of the software works out to roughly around 2.5% of the total cost spent by you on each employee. This you will appreciate is a very small amount to pay to regulate and control the sales team, on whose success, the total success of the company depends.

We are very confident that with the help of our software, you will be able to realize full value of the money spent by you. You will be able to get better sales closures.  

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