Friday, May 6, 2011

Growth is synonymous to customer delight

As you are aware, in this competitive world, customer happiness is all that matters.

As the saying goes
If you do not take care of your customer- somebody else will

The need for constant review of customer complaints/queries and appropriate action taken by the orgnisation cannot be ignored under any circumstances, not only for future growth but for survival itself. . The sales therefore is directly proportional to the customer satisfaction level.

Any sales organsisation, whether it is selling products or services, needs a tool through which customer complaints/queries/suggestions/concerns and actions taken thereon are constantly monitored without any loss of time.

Some most common challenges faced by the organization(s) about customer satisfaction and complaints/ concerns can be summarized as below:

How often are you able to document and use customer feedback to improve your service? Do your customers prefer your competitor’s service for your Products/ services?

What if your engineers could record customer feedback as it was received so you could review and incorporate their suggestions within a matter of a few days that made your service 10 times more efficient and increased your customer satisfaction manifold?

Are you able to identify products/ services that are not meeting customer expectations and need to be enhanced? How many repeat complaints do you receive every week?

What if you had a system that let you record each complaint/ concerns as it was received. And simultaneously reports status of the same regularly. Also highlights the repeat complaints received for each of your products /services so that you could measure the level of customer satisfaction?

Do you find yourself overloading some engineers with work and not giving others much work at all?

What if you had a system that recorded the average time taken by each engineer to fix a client complaint so that you could allocate tasks accordingly?

Can you keep track of your engineers’ skills and identify areas where training is required?

What if you had a system that constantly quantified your engineers’ productivity based on their target achievement, turnaround time etc.?

Do your engineers make commitments on your behalf that you are not able to honour?

What if you had a system that updated you on all the service commitments made by your engineers almost immediately, and let you approve them before they were confirmed?

This is not a mirage

Fortunately, it is possible through use of our CRM software called

frontline SSM

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You enjoy the benefits of the business you have so lovingly and painstakingly built.

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