Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 Reasons

confirming your need of a proper


You need it because

  • 1.You want to retain your existing customers as the cost of incurred in getting a new customer is 5 Times higher than the cost incurred in retaining an existing customer.

  • 2.You want to smartly allocate a service call to your service personnel on the basis of their work load, skill-set and locations.

  • 3.You want to identify the products which are getting repeat complaints’ to improve your product development function.

  • 4.You want to delete the column of Lost Orders from your books of accounts due to untimely attending or non-attending of complaints.

  • 5.You want to find out how many of your customers are using spare parts provided by your company and how many of them are taking spares from open market. So that you can manufacture the highly demanded spare parts.

  • 6.You want to have timely alerts for Renewing the Maintenance Contracts and there by, securing the Confirm Revenues for your organization.

  • 7.You want to identify unprofitable Service Maintenance Contracts (i.e. AMCs) and equipment which are too costly to maintain by analyzing the Service Cost V/S Revenue Generated report.

  • 8.You want to measure the Skill Level of your Service Personnel on some sensible parameters (i.e. turn-around time, complaint resolving time etc).

  • 9.You want to have a proper customer feedback system using which you can receive the comments directly from your complainants.

  • 10.You want to increase your Sales Figures by getting new customers through the recommendations given by your “nicely & timely treated (served) customers”

We understand that you aspire for increasing your sales figures every day, every hour and every minute. But a proper customer service management and complaint handling mechanism also plays the role of a necessary catalyst in increasing Sales. And, to cater this basic need of your organization, we present our CRM solution to you.

Sales Mantra

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Because we believe that “Actually, Fast and Steady wins the race.”

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