Wednesday, October 30, 2013



It well known and an establish fact that having satisfied clients is not only beneficial to service process but also boost the sales of a company. But in order to have pleased clients, you need to have a powerful tool to manage all of them. This is where comes SALESMANTRA – a Customer Relationship Management software. A Sales force Automation software will not only help you to automate your processes, but help you focus on business activities, rather than non-productive activities.

Sales force Automation has become the need of every organization, be it in the field of sales, service, marketing, manufacturing, financial, logistics etc. SALESMANTRA tool is a success in all dimensions of industry segments and helped both employees and management in increasing the overall revenue generated. Automating the sales and services, keeping all the information under one roof and having key reports for analysis on one click of a button has assisted many companies to boost their sales, keep healthy relationship with existing clients and identify new market segments for growth.

Sales force Automation software has multiple features in order to automate the the sales and service process. Through SALESMANTRA, you are able to generate lead, store and manage prospects and client's information, browse through the history of previous interactions, work upon your projections and firm prospects, ensure that your clients are regularly being catered and marketing of your product. You can also automate your service process, keep a track of AMCs, manage inventory and ensure that your customers complaints are looked after and rectified as soon as possible. SALESMANTRA software provides you with a pre-defined and customizable reports so there is no need for making details excel files and helps you to save time on that and focus on more productive activities.

Sales force Automation software is a customer – centric approach to improve the coordination between the sales and marketing department of a company with the clients and prospects. It helps to gather key information about the prospects and help the sales team to maintain healthy relationship with them by proper follow-ups and regular interaction. This makes the clients feel secure about the product they have opted and help them gain confidence in extending relationships with the company.

Although the market for Sales force Automation in India is at a very nascent stage, there is a huge potential for such software solution. Companies are now realizing the need of Sales force Automation solution and those already using it have benefited from its use. Sales force Automation is fast becoming an indispensable asset for every organization and automating the sales and service has become the need of the hour for growth and development.

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