Thursday, March 27, 2014

Challenges in Sales Management

The length of the sales cycle and difficulty closing the pipeline were pinpointed as the biggest challenges for sales:

S. No.
High turnover of sales people: Loss of sales opportunities if Sales Rep quits his job
Attrition in sales force can be managed without loss of business as system having track of each and every sales opportunities including the status of each call and could conveniently switch responsibilities to someone else to take them forward
No of days spent by a sales recruit to get into the sales process.
Sales rep could get into the sales process day 1
Multiple approach to a prospect by different divisions/ sales teams within the organization. Person / location specific way of maintaining sales data
Multiple approach to a prospect by different divisions/ sales teams within the organization are highlighted and controlled, as Sales data being maintained and available centrally and as a standard process/format across the organization

Focused and effective management of valuable leads to analyze : Lead to order conversions/ failure
Record conversion of lead into sales call and tracks their position in the sale. Alerts/ feedback features facilities faster decision making /closure of deals
Enables the management to analyze the whole sales process :
Suspect -> Prospect -> Follow-up -> Quotation -> Order -> Post Sales Support

Sales Reports are not up-to-date : Unable to analyze the sales data as quantum of data is huge and enormous time and efforts requires in compilation and preparation of regular review papers in excel
Real time reporting system : Employee performance can be maintained on day to day, weekly ,monthly or yearly on a click of mouse. The real time reports generated by the software such as sales call report, Product Order Report, Employee Target Report, Expense Report etc to analyze product & employee performance
Facing difficulties in monitoring and reviewing day-to-day sales & service activities
Creates and manages daily schedule of sales rep activities with alerts for pending work

Some points to know,
• 67% of sales managers have their own individual sales target to achieve.
• 49% of sales directors felt that, although deals are closing, it takes a very long time to do so.
• 22% reporting lost pipeline as their biggest challenge.
• 49% of sales managers have had no more than two days training in the last two years.
• 82% of sales directors may not be accurately measuring the performance of the sales force.
• 60% of sales directors find that traditional training courses do not change the behaviour of the sales
force in a sustainable, long-term way.
• 96% of sales directors stating that they want their sales force to sell solutions, not products.
• Only 16% of companies use accredited coaches.
• 91% of internal coaches have been found to have had no more than 4 hours training.

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