Monday, March 31, 2014

Need of CRM software for Sales Force

You have worked very hard to build your business, most lovingly and painfully, and you naturally aspire to grow at faster pace each day. You are aware that the business is all about Acquire - Service - Retain! The goal of most of the businesses is to make a profit by Acquiring, Servicing and Retaining customers (A-S-R).

Worried About?
  • Lead Generation
  • Lost Revenue due to Employee Attrition
  • Follow up Missed-Opportunity Lost
  • Effective Allocation of Complaints
  • Increased Competition
  • Non Viable Service Contracts
  • AMC / Warranty / Consumable Tracking ...
Give us a chance to explain you:
Why do you need SalesMantra - CRM ?
What priority you should give to CRM? Let’s explain what you need to know, and know if CRM is needed at your company.
These questions can determine your CRM needs:
  • How many prospecting follow-ups do your sales reps make each day?
  • Does everyone who communicates with a customer knows what their coworkers said to them or did for them?
  • Is all customer information kept in one area or program for easy customer service reference or everybody maintains their own database?
  • Do have a complete track of all the opportunities, if your sales person quits his job?
  • Are you able to manage the top 20% of accounts that give you 80% or your revenue?
  • Do you know how many customer service issues each customer has had and why?
  • Do you know which customers consume most of your CSR Rep’s time?
  • What is your revenue per sales representative?
  • What are your win, loss and no-decision rates?
  • How many sales calls are completed per rep?
  • What are the numbers of existing customer contacts and repeat business orders?
  • How do you rate your marketing or lead generation program effectiveness?
The chances are most of the answers to the above will be in negative, thereby clearly demonstrating the utmost need of CRM implementation in your company.

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