Monday, March 10, 2014

Why CRM software is required ?

CRM as the term itself indicates Customer Relationship Management Or We say “Customer Remains Mine” always.
In today challenging world the market trends are changing herculean pace, markets are becoming more and more customer oriented and competitive.
Question: Have we ever noticed the fact why customers are important to us?
Answer can be, because customers pay for our food, our living and existence of our business.
Question: Ever noticed, why customers switch to other option if not taken care properly?
“Not taken care properly, in this competitive market there are enormous options available. They can switch to some of our competitors.
Customers are like fission reaction one good customer opens the path to several customers and opportunities are only converted into healthy business, better the relationship much better path to growth. Same applies either way also, an irate customer takes few more with them, so making a customer rejoiced should be our main aim in today market place.
Key to stabilize our business relationship with customer and earn their regular requirement, is to provide them “WOW” effect and give them environment which makes them feel “We care for them”. Lack in timely conversation to customer may raise chances to lose an opportunity. Here is where CRM solution makes to achieve relationship which will bond them with us forever.
This can be achieved if we have a team which is focused, planned and aware of customer requirement, issues, and provides the solution in time rather them making them wait till they get irritated and start building a negative impact upon us.
In earlier time emperors having best army in the world ruled, however, no one noticed that what made them unbeatable was there artillery, swords and weapons’, tool, strategy. Our Sales and service teams are also, the army or the front line for our organization which brings us business, they are the people who first point of contact for a customer, we should also; make them equipped with a tool through which they can work quickly, efficiently and strategically.
Why CRM is important for our team?
  • More we help our sales team in maintaining their leads more strategically and efficiently, more are the time we are giving them for closure, more customers they can reach rather than preparing their report which manager wish to have on their table.
  • Regularly approaching customers help us to grow our relationship with them, deeper we can reach to get there requirements and serve them better.
  • Customer issues are well answered and kept a track of same, moreover issue once notified remains which helps keeping track of future same issue and there resolution.
  • Customer’s segregation according to their requirements, buying nature, industry can be tracked.
  • More, strategic and analytically reports generated helps management to maintain customers and keep a track of their team.
  • A quick service team leads to much more satisfied customers; customers need not run various departments for resolution of query. If not resolved management can have look for the reason.
A good analysis of business helps you to find out the areas where we are having a gap and gives us a path to reinvent or rebuild the gap with more focused approach.
Moreover, the benefit part is that more we speak to customer and help them in focused way, better the foundation we are building for healthy relation, better the relation, more business from clients which directly proportionate with growth of employees and our organization.

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